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Chances are you have been a creative person since day one!

Yes, you love to paint but you sometimes get caught up, waylaid, distracted and discombobulated!

My courses are designed to change the way you think about your creativity and empower you all (not just the super-talented) to paint better and feel better about your work.

Learning about how to paint better doesn’t have to be difficult… trust me.  I know you want to get good. That’s why you’re here! But I want more for you than just technique. I want you to leave your inner critic behind and see that creatively, the world is your oyster!

Why are my Courses Accessible, Affordable and Awesome?



My courses are accessible since you can take any course from the comfort of your living room, kitchen, office, bedroom, bathroom (not judging!). No travel time getting there, No accommodation needed, No waiting for a meeting or class to start. Courses are also jargon-accessible. I break things down into normal language. And, if I do use jargon it’s VERY well explained.


At the moment my Masterclass is FREE!! Can’t get more affordable than that! The Love to Paint|Learn to Paint has three versions to suit your time commitment and your purse and you can choose from Best Value (one off payment) and Easy Pay (Pay over 3 months) options.


I promise this is not a word I use often! But it is true to say that I’m ridiculously passionate about this. My enthusiasm, excitement and energy can only come through in every course. They are not boring! Plus, you learn so much RELEVANT and RELIABLE information about your path to becoming an artist. This type of empowerment and confidence is invaluable.

Beat the Information Overload

Sure, there’s free information on the internet. But the abundance of information isn’t getting the job done. It’s an information overload. All this stuff with no context or insight into how it could affect your own painting. I aim to be the one-stop-shop where you can learn the relevant and reliable information you need, when you need it. I don’t just want to teach you how to paint, I will teach you how to be an Artist.


A friendly face

I understand that your inner critic gives you a harder time that the worst art critic, teacher or mean girl could ever do. (I’ve had plenty of experience dealing with my inner critic!) So you won’t get any of that from me, in fact, you can think of me as the friend in Secondary School (High School) who helped you through and made things better.

I’ve been doing this a while

I’ve spent 15 years teaching in business before starting to teach artists less than a decade ago. I have been walking the walk as an artist for almost ten years and exhibiting in established galleries in Ireland, the UK, Europe and the US. Hundreds (probably thousands) of students and customers later, I’ve taken everything I’ve learned about painting and being an artist and streamlined it into a series of lean and actionable courses.


It’s not about me, it’s about you. No really, it actually is!

It’s not about me talking and painting, it’s about YOU painting, growing and living a more creative life. I’ll give you a little why, a LOT of understanding and a bucket full of ahh, that’s how you do it!


You are part of a community

You can also join the Love to Paint tribe (on Facebook), where you’ll be part of an international community who feel about painting just like you do and who are ready to swap feedback with you and connect with me for more learning, challenges and exercises.


You won’t find a ‘copy my painting’ style of teaching here.

I will teach you what you need to know to create your own beautiful work that speaks to you (and to others). The methods and lessons I share with you aren’t trendy. They’re timeless, sensible ways to unlock your potential as an artist, and because of that – they will NEVER go out of style. Unlocking your potential as an artist doesn’t have to be dry and difficult. When you’ve got a clear framework to help you with each and EVERY step it can be simple. Even fun.

I’d LOVE the chance to prove that to you. 

Want to stay in the loop?


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