You’ve got a passion for painting!

But do you struggle with making your paintings sing?

What you need is somebody to clearly show you how to

  • Create good compositions

  • The technique to paint them

  • & the confidence to enjoy every minute

That, my friend, is what I do.

Have you any questions?


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The course is now open for Booking.

Course will be open for booking for 7 days only (21st – 28th)
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Early Bird rates available until Sunday 24th
Course begins Monday October 2nd
Six Module course over 12 weeks
One Module released every two weeks
Full access to the course for one year
Beginners and advanced painters will benefit

Love to Paint - Learn to Paint

What you have said

Louise Stukenbrock

I love the way you help us to look at things, it’s like you personally know me and my thought process! I feel encouraged that I am not alone in these thoughts… I can feel myself changing already and haven’t started the course yet! Love the…embrace the failures as part of the journey idea. Thank you for your enlightened words.

Bernadette O'Shea

A line jumped out at me from the book I’m reading today, “When the student is ready (to learn), the teacher will appear.” This was the final deciding factor in me signing up for the “Full Course” with Róisín. I’ve made a promise to myself these last few weeks, and that is.. to no longer put everything else before my Art.


Sharon Wilkinson

I cant imagine a chance like this course with someone as yourself and the knowledge coming along again when it would be a better time so your presentation of how the course will be structured sounds amazing and Sept 21 is on my calendar thanks you so much.

Nancy Breiman

I gave up art as I just didn’t feel I was good enough to make a living doing art. Now that my children are grown I decided it was time to dive back in. I haven’t found my style yet but truly enjoying the process of learning and experimenting and I’m very excited to join.


An 90 second edited version of the full demo from Module One

What students of my 3 day workshop had to say

A peak inside the course

The Love to Paint | Learn to Paint Online Course has all the content of the workshops plus a lot more. And then there's the personal connection through the inner circle group and all the extras to watch at your leisure.


What My Students Say

Ann Clarke

“Very best inspirational teaching I’ve experienced
She has the vocation to teach.”

Eibhilin Crossan

“Doing Róisín’s course was the best decision I ever made! She is a truly inspiring person and I came away with my heart pounding in my chest and a ‘why not’ realisation that I CAN DO THIS!

Sharon Wells

“Clear & easy to listen to. She knows her subject inside out & her passion for painting is contagious.”
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Mirriam Smithers

“Would highly recommend this workshop with Roisin no matter what your success level is.
Don’t miss it!”

Hi I'm Róisín,

I’m a successful Irish artist, passionate about two things, painting and teaching!
I teach anyone who loves to paint, how to paint better and how to nurture their creativity.
And, I also love nothing more than to help artists and creative entrepreneurs to get their business mojo going.
My Story
What you can expect