Adam Smith’s famous book, The Wealth of Nations, published in Great Britain in 1776, distinguished between the outputs of what he termed “productive” and “unproductive” labor.

Business Skills Workshops

Two-day course for artists/creative entrepreneurs

If you are looking to make a living from your art or to supplement your income, then I can help you!

I started my artistic career about eight years ago and was making a living from it within two years. I’m also passionate about teaching and encouraging other artists to learn the skills they need to get ahead.

You’re small, creative, unique, flexible and approachable. Let me help you use your own small-but-mighty qualities to highlight the extra special thing that makes you, you and to make a living from it.
The workshop takes a dual approach that focuses on both the business skills and the creative person.

Take two days out of your busy life and take a breath. Learn how to be more productive, more professional and more creative without stretching yourself thin.

There will be no hands-on painting in this workshop.

“Róisín’s course was a game changer for my career” – Miriam Dowling Artist


Key points
Finding balance
Creating opportunity
Feeding our creativity


How to find inspiration in a time-pressured world.
Overcome mental and practical barriers to creative work.
Strike balance between creative work and the business of making a living.
Avoid overwhelm and what to do when blocked.

There will be some exercises to do each day and a load of resources and videos to take away.

So… a lot to do, but along the way, there’ll be time for some stories and we will have some fun doing and learning together and from each other.

    “Doing Róisín’s workshop last year was the best last minute mad dash decision I ever made! She is a truly inspiring person and I came away with my heart pounding in my chest and a ‘why not’ realisation that I CAN DO THIS! Full of great advice, ideas, organisational frameworks and practical info. Cannot recommend this course enough!” Eibhilin Crossan – Fine Artist

    Social Media

    How the world of social media has changed in the last 2 years.

    What to really need to be doing and what is a waste of time.
    Why you need social proof and how to get it.


    The art of presenting your work to the right people.
    How to find your audience.
    How to create a brand that is true to you and your work.

    How changing your marketing mindset will be more valuable than hiring a PR company.


    Selling skills without the ick!
    Selling at fairs and events
    Selling online
    pros and cons of selling privately or through Galleries,
    Do’s and don’ts of finding gallery representation.
    Pricing your work and handling discounts.

    Time & Tax

    Tools to help you get the important stuff done without working 24/7.
    How to deal with procrastination, time management and setting and achieving your goals.

    Tax (artist’s exemption) and vat on art.

    Is this workshop for me?

    Answers to some questions, to help you decide.


    What makes you qualified to teach about business skills?

    I have over 25 years experience in business ( I started when I was 10 ). My career, before full-time art, covered positions in PR,Marketing and Customer Relations in both large and small companies, in addition to being self-employed for 6 years. So I learned from the school of hard knocks and hard graft in the real world before turning those skills to support my passion – Art.

    I just want to paint/make/do the thing I love. I hate all that business stuff.

    Well, if we can’t bring in a crust doing what we love, then most likely we have to go get a ‘proper job’ to pay the bills. Then we’re too tired to create. Let’s see if we can find the happy medium for you.

    I want to really take my art career seriously, but I don’t know where to start.

    Music to my ears. Let’s start with clarity! I’ll show you how to create a plan. You won’t be able to do everything at once, but one thing at a time, with purpose, you can achieve your goals.

    I’m doing OK but get lost when it comes to marketing and selling.

    That’s my forte. We will spend a good chunk of time figuring out what social media works for you and how you can manage it sensibly to build your audience.

    I feel like I’m heading for burn out!

    We are not manufacturing widgets on an assembly line. We are creatives, artists and makers drawing from our creative souls daily. I will show you how to prioritize renewal and what to do to avoid burnout.

    I hate ‘branding’ it seems so fake and that doesn’t suit me.

    Good, cause what you do is unique, small and mighty. Branding is simply articulating who you (can I say authentically?) are, without BS and in a way that ordinary folks can understand. And, If they don’t understand what you do they probably won’t want it. So let’s fix that.

    I am scared silly about selling. Hate it!

    Most of us do at the start. That’s normal. We’ll start small and build – both online and face to face. Mostly I’ll teach you how to remove the ‘ick” from selling and how to get out of your own way.

    Will my career take off after I take this course?

    If you work hard, think hard and open up to it…yep. But we will also look at the reality of where you are. If you have three kids under 5 then maybe a slower trajectory might suit you better. It’s not a one size fits all plan. You will, with my help, develop your own goals to get there in your own time.

    If there is one thing this course will do for me, what will that be?

    An eagle’s view of what’s involved and how to keep each part in balance.

    “Would highly recommend this workshop with Roisin no matter what your success level is. Don’t miss it!” Miriam Smithers Carmody – Artist

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    What can I expect?

    Róisín has been walking the walk as a professional artist for almost ten years and exhibits in established galleries in Ireland, the UK, Europe and the US. Hundreds (probably thousands) of students and customers later, She has taken everything she’s learned about painting and being an professional artist and streamlined it into a clearly structured workshop full of enthusiasm and encouragement.

    Róisín is not just an artist and creative entrepreneur. She also has many years of experience in giving workshops and teaching. From the serious business of passing on the tradition of creativity to the simple joy of painting, Róisín is committed and passionate about teaching, sharing and living creativity.

    Although many established artists attend, you do not have to be an experienced artist to attend or benefit from the weekend.  It will be a down to earth, inclusive experience, designed to give your a clear way forward for your creative business, in the good company of like minded artists.

    These weekend workshops are now in their six year, with many attendees returning year after year.

    The workshops are available with priority to mailing list members. All you have to do to receive more info, is to join the mailing list. But be sure to be quick off the mark – they normally sell out in no time at all.


    Lunch is available each day as an optional extra

    Dates 2017

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    Next workshop location is TBC but Airfield Estate in Dublin (Ireland) is the most likely venue.

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